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We export quality used tires & casings for retreading worldwide from Japan.

Three Bridges Corporation is an export company specializing in quality used tires and casings. Our global service area to export tires extends to North and South America, countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. Along with the expansion of our business, we have significantly increased our stock in order to meet our customer's needs. We have quality used tires and casings for trucks, passenger vehicles, etc. in stock. Our staff has over 15 years experience in this industry including quality inspection.

Three Bridges Corporation’s Step-By-Step Process

From Used Tire Purchases in Japan to Tire Retread Production
Three Bridges Corporation collects used tires in Japan and distributes them to tire retread factories worldwide. Through this process, our business is contributing to the recycling of a valuable resource.

Step One: Please contact Three Bridges Corporation by phone or email to request an appraisal and pick up of your tires.

Step Two: Three Bridges Corporation will send representatives to your place of business to appraise and purchase your used tires.

Step Three: Our professional inspector will carry out the appraisal.

Step Four: Both parties agree upon a purchase price.

Step Five: Three Bridges Corporation will transport the purchased tires to our Kasaoka City facility.

Step Six: The tires will be temporarily stored at our facility.

Step Seven: The tires will be shipped out upon request.

Step Eight: Tires exported to other countries will be shipped by sea.

Step Nine: Tires to be retread in overseas countries.

Step Ten: End product - retread tires.

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